Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Going, going GONE!

Dearest Blog,

You've accompanied in my darkest points of my life and my happiest moments. I'm thankful for everything, an avenue for me to release all sorts of feelings and thoughts. However I've decided to move on, like many other aspects in my life andddddd.... I would like to just once again thank you for the great times. I will be moving to wordpress because well, I just need a clean start.

Thanks for the 4 years...these four years (2003 to 2006) have been a blast. I'm lookin forward to...a great year.

Wish me luck!

From Renee.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?


The Eric Clapton concert tickets have sold out. DAMN IT!!! Initially I asked around but when no one was interested in EC, I wanted to get the cheapest tickets to listen to him sing.

ULGH!!! My once-in-a-lifetime chance!! Ulgh!!!!! Kill me somebody....

I must be strong, to carry on........

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Friday, December 29, 2006

I love you too!

This is one of the sweetest things my dear has done for me. So cute eh? Really...thanks so much. You made my day once again *hugz n Kisses* I can't wait to see you and meet you again!

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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Anyone needs any rocks?

I don't mind killing one or two...

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bangkok, the land of frowns and uncooked food.

Finally, the Bangkok trip post is up. Lazy to elaborate. Let this link do the talking...CLICK HERE

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Losing the voice

A couple of these instances happened today, and only today. Kinda made my day eventful.

First was Derong. My dear boy called me and asked for JX's number. I was actually quite surprised he didn't have her number. I told him I'd send it to him via sms. Then I called him again because I was too lazy to sms, only to realise that...

Renzi: Hey...(wanting to make it quick because I knew my voice wouldn't last me)..I'll give you Jingxi's number now eh
Derong: Waaaaaittt...you're Jingxi right?
R: No...I'm Renee.
D: Nono, (cheeky tone) You're Jingxi!!!
R: NOOOOO...I'm Renee
D: Cannot be what...You're...
R: Okay..here's her number...

Hahaha...my voice must have changed quite a bit to make him so certain that it wasn't me. Brrrrr....andddd why would I wanna pretend to not be JX? Puzzling haha...

Next instance was when Rongyang called. Hahha... He wanted to tell me something but before that...

Rongyang (MrL): Renee? You sleeping?
Renzi: Nono...go ahead...
MrL: Wah ji! Your voice cannot make it leh...! (then he told me some stuff)
R: Hmm you must understand that.... (and I rattled on with whatever that was left of my voice for about a good 1 min until I stopped and there was a bit of a silence)
MrL: errrr...can't really hear what you said leh...
R: .... (then I went on to explain myself AGAIN...this time with an alternate of squeakiness and huskiness)

Third instance. I'm still recovering from it because my heart is still beating so quickly. I was resting in my parent's room when I finally was about to doze off and my maid tapped me. Think I didn't expect that and I let out a yelp. Scared the shit out me man!

Fourth, my dad opened the door so damn softly that when he called out my name, I let out another yell. MANNN!!!! My heart is that weak....!!!

Hahaha...anyway MC for one day...Hope I can regain my voice tomorrow. I want to go back to work!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

They can be pigs sometimes

In view of my dear friend's blog, I'm also a little cheesed off by a person's behaviour yesterday. Maybe not a little cheesed off...i'm pissed!!!

Disclaimer here : I'm not trying to be racist but read on and you'll realise I'm no the friggin racist here

My friend's dad, uncle, was waiting at least 20m away from a mosque when this malay man came up to up and knocked on his window. Naturally, like any person would do, uncle wound down the window only to receive a very rude and racist remark from the fucker

"what are you doing here stupid chinese man? go back to china!!!"

ANNNNNNDDDD you know what. That wasn't enough for that jibai. That fucker actually slapped uncle!!! IMAGINE THE AUDICITY!!!!!! That son of a bitch hit uncle, and uncle wasn't even fucking doing ANYTHING, he didn't aggrevate him or anything.ALL HE DID WAS TO WAIT FOR AUNTY.

Uncle didn't even do anything and he drove off. I mean I told my friend Y that uncle should have lodged a fucking police report because assault SHOULD NOT be tolerated. Fucking hell. What right has he to hit someone? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, being in a so-called racially harmonious society, such racist comments cannot be overlooked. I mean I would think that especially in SIngapore, it woulnd't happen. Such things, I know for sure, happen in Msia or Indonesia, BUT IN SINGAPORE?? A place that prides itself for being harmonious among races???? Fucking hell.

What a shit head. That fucktard ought to be charged. Really...put that fucker to jail. Cane him if possible. Fucking hell. Or stuff him silly with............P_r_....make one intelligent guess wat tat word is. Fucked up.


On a lighter note my horoscope yesterday was "Social events and group activities should keep you very busy today, Renee. You may be scheduled to attend more than one, and you may even be responsible for helping out at one of them. Many people will want to speak to you, though you may not have as much time for each one of them as you'd like. Nonetheless, this is likely to be a very stimulating and interesting day for you. Enjoy it!"

How true isit...i mean even though I don't really believe in this crap but the coincidences are quite itneresting. I was actually triple booked last night! hahahah..... *grin* Really, thanks guys for talking to me, asking me out, and well, checking on me....I really appreciate it....Rongyang, Alvin, Xi, Nielle, HUMPAAAA (ie Bryan) and some ppl who have no clue but still ask me out...David Lee, Zac, Calvin, awwww.... LOVE YOU GUYS DEEP DEEP....!!!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

13 days before Xmas...Come onnn..tell me what you think u wanna give meeee....

Xmas Stocking
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You say hello, inside I'm screaming I love you
You say goodnight, in my mind
I'm sleeping next to you
You drive away from my car crash of a heart
And I don't know

But you gave me the best mixtape I have
And even all the bad songs ain't so bad
I only wish there was so much more than that
About me and you

You talk to him, inside it burns me like the sun
You talk to her, and you say that you feel like he's the one
I talk to me,but you can't hear the pain I feel
You don't know

cause you gave me the best mixtape I have
And even all the sad songs ain't so sad
I only wish there was more than that
About me and you x2

oh, don't turn around and say bye again
Yeah it crushes my head when you call me your friend
I'm not the same person
From back in the day in the back of the class
that you thought was gay
No I can't find the words I lost them
The minute they fell out of my mouth
and it's love and I'm in it, so give me your lips
And just let me kiss 'em
and let's get messed up and listen to possibly...

The best mixtape I have
And even all the bad songs ain't so bad
I just wish there was so much more than that
About me and you

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Friday, December 08, 2006

I love surprises

Had an extremely bad day yesterday, really really really bad day. Probably the worst day of my life, or at least this year. I guess, when it rains it really pours. It's like a reflection of Singapore at the moment, in terms of weather that is - it's constantly raining cats and dogs. And I was bugged by the trivialities of life like collecting bloody photos and packing my room. Oh well. Life is such.

Anyway on a more positive note, things are picking up and guess certain incidents made my day. For example, met Trudi today during lunch. I'll probably email her to arrange for a lunch =) THENNNNNN I surprised Susu. It was actually a belated birthday present, so to speak. Heh I love surprises - Other than the very small percentage of my friends who hates surprises with an absolute vengence (because they need to be in 'control') , I reckon surprises (talking about those ones which are positive) make people happy, kinda makes their day. That was why despite Susu's pleas, I managed to have a cake sent to her. I love surprising people even though sometimes well, it does come across as shocking. I like making people's days - especially those close to me.

Sooooooo well, Susu, I'm glad you like ur pressie. ANNNNNNND speaking of pressies, Christmas is coming. It's a favourite of mine I guess because that's probably my only season I like, although it reminds me of certain tragic aspects of my life. Sigh.

Anywayyyy....all I want for Christmas is......... I dunno mannnnnn.....probably good health. And, more money...ANNNDDD....erm erm erm... good health to friends and family....ANDDDDDD....shoes, bags, tiffany&co jade heart pendant, clothes, more dresses, a dog, a kitten, blades, lifetime supply of daily contact lenses, another wallet, more books, those fill-in-the-blanks books, nice smelling moisturisers, muji products, a nice small phone, hotel stays, more holidays, more leave, toto/4d prizes.....MAYBE even a sugar daddy...hur hur
Surprise me, really. hehehe...Did I ask for too much? ;)
Okok...how's this...I just want a bf who can cook for me, be nice to me and love me. How's that? Nahhhhh....nah...I can't decide now...hahahha okok....I want ALLLLLL of the above.
Now, surprise me! Go! HAHAHAHHA

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Quality Time eh?

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Words of Affirmation.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 9
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 5
Physical Touch: 5
Receiving Gifts: 4


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Retardation at work, seriously

Warning, angsty entry from an irritated blogger (ie me). No offence to anyone...zzz

As what dancingdiva said "Tears are a useless waste of emotions. They strike you mute, unable to speak, unable to think straight, and leave you with ugly, puffy eyes the next day." How true is that...

Anywaywwwwww there are so many retarded people around...really. Can like the garment, since they are so keen on implementing so many rules and regulations, come up with a charge for retarded people - hang them or kill them I don't care. They shouldn't be left on the streets to irritate people like me. Zzz

For example...today...I called up a certain restaurant to make an apt and my conversation went something to this extent:

Renzi: Hello? Could I make a reservation for today pls?
Waiter: Oh? For lunch or dinner?
(BTW it was already close to 2pm when I called up the damn place)
R: Ermmm..dinner pls
W: Oh for how many person?
R: It's for 5 peeps.
W: What is your name?
R: Oh, it's Renee Yang. (I even spelt it for him) R-E-N-E-E YANG.
W: I-E-N-E-E?
R: Nnono...it's R - e-n-e-e Y-a-n-g
W: I-E-N-E-E?
R: Nnono...it's R (strong emphasis) - e-n-e-e Y-a-n-g
W: Ohh? R-e-n-e-e Y-e-n-g
R: (getting impatient) NOOOO..it's y-A-n-g.
W: Ohhh..okok... and what's your contact number?
R: Nine-zero-six-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX
W: Okay...Nine-zeelo- six....?

Ulghhhh....zee-lo???? Ulghhhh!!! Can the damn primary schools teach proper english and pronunciation for once??

ANd and....while driving yesterday, I was driving and I saw this jogger who was jogging on the spot in the middle of the road. I was prepared for him to dash across the road but guess what? He slowly jogged across the road, so obviously as a cautious driver, I horned at him, tryin to warn him of an incoming vehicle, and his instant reaction was to point a middle finger at me. How rude!!! I tell you, if I wasn't travelling at my speed, I would have wound down the damn window to shout "FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF ANG MO SHIT". I don't care whether you're white-skinned, dark-skinned or plain yellow-skinned, you get on my nerves, especially when I'm in the right of way, I will curse you! F-ing hell.

Hahaha..kinda reminded me, there and then, of ST's remark. Even though it's pretty racist, it was hilarious. He said once, "stupid ang mo, come to our land, take our jobs, take our gals and fuck our gals" hahahaha...quite funny lah.

Zzzz...anyway...I'm just extremely tired lah, of everything. I really can't wait for my mini Bangkok trip.

3 more days! Whooo!!!

Maybe escaping from Singapore for a bit is good. I need to get away from retarded Sporeans for a while. They are rude and obnoxious. Zzzz Reminds me of me sometimes. HAHAHAHA...okok...

Time to go back to work...

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Thanks gals.

hahahhaa took leave yesterday and went out with a couple of ppl.... May was around (will upload the photos then) annddddd of course I met up with the gals after my looooong meeting. (hahaha we look so rosy cheeked...niceeee ) Anywayy we went to Gelare.... yumm... thanks gals for spending time w meeeeee.... *hugs u all*

More photos comin up soon...zzz

Back to work for now...hehehe

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Random days = random entry

Boy, this is an incredibly random post denoting well, what has been happening for the past couple of months. Haven't been the best of moods but wat the hell, life goes on eh? Let's see what happened like for the past couple of weeks, which led up to...now. Hur hur..haven't had the energy nor time to upload even my photos. Oh well...

Had a mini BBQ at Ken's... hahaha didn't really get any shot other than Ken's co-partner. I had SOOO much to eat that night....yummmm

Of course we FINALLY took our revenge for Steve Irwin - Derong, Elias and myself trodded down to the Esplanade (Glutton's Bay) and had a good session there. The sotong tasted horrible though. TMD. NEVER, i repeat, NEVER patronise the bloody shop that sells sotong and stingray. It isn't all that great, I've tasted better

SC, GO, JS and myself played MJ one night as well, which sparked off and ignited a little itch to gamble more...ulgh! Hehehe.. I did win some money... =)))

Bestie and I feasted on fooddddd one day.... Had a great time at ....shit-i-can't-remember-what's-the-name-of-the-place....ern erm.....MENOTTI'S!!!! =))) Service was good....food wasn't too bad either!

A few weeks back, we had a co chalet and before that we had dinner at TCC. Let's see...SC, GO, JS and AS.....SC is so damn hilarious I swear....she insisted that there were 5 when there was only 4 of us (AS left us halfway). That really did freak us out quite a bit.

Second day of the chalet, we had a BBQ. Hur hur...I HAD to put this up because of SOMEONE rolling his eyes...hahaha

A couple of us...being dumb.

Just last week, if I remember correctly, Rongyang and I had like...dinner together at Bugis. That fish place that Jingx introduced is really not that bad. Only thing....it had quite a lot of MSG, not so good for me. Ulgh

AWWWW I had to put this up, even though I'm not readily a fan of cats, well, this cat looked so comfy snuggling up like that on the atm machine. I wanted to walk further up to take a closer look but that fella jus looked up, as though I was tryin to kill me. He did warn me with those beady eyes...Soooo I just backed off.

The other night, I met up with Keith and Christie. I was quite horrified when he showed us his car...it's ULGYYYY...why did he have to zeng it???

For one of the first few times, JS actually opened her eyes!!! HAhaha we were preparing to see some of our counterparties from JPY... =)

One of our many coffee sessions together.... =)

After that coffee session with them gals, think it was wednesday, met up with Gabs... =)

We had a couple of drinks last thurs at Harry's with some of the office peeps =)

And last friday....went for kor's wedding =))) Awwwww......

for more photos, click here.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Beautiful Child is a great story about a teacher who helped transform and blossom this girl through sheer hard work and patience.

I wanna borrow the rest of her books. I never really did imagine I would actually fall in love with the book. I was so addicted! Thanks Christie for lending me the book. I'm probably dropping by Siglap to get the rest of the books.

Time to look for other books to read...meantime..got a wedding to attend today... =) so Happy for WEiqiang! hehehe...


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Very stoic song I reckon...

Guess...it's hard but haha like wat dodgy says...I need to harden myself and be strong........WHEEEEEEEEEEEE...

Sometimes I feel like I'm a bird with broken wings
At times I dread my now and envy where I've been
'Cause that's when quiet wisdom takes control
At least I've got a story no one's told

I finally learned to say
Whatever will be will be
I learned to take
The good, the bad and breathe
'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
No one knows if shooting stars will land

These days it feels naive to put your faith in hope
To imitate a child, fall backwards on the snow
'Cause that's when fears will usually lead you blind
And now I try to under-analyse


Is the rope I walk wearing thin?
Is the life I love caving in?
Is the weight on your mind
A heavy black bird caged inside?

Whatever will be will be
The good, the bad
Just breathe

'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
No one knows if shooting stars will land

I finally learned to say
Whatever will be will be
I learned to take
The good, the bad and breathe
'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
Thing like that are never in your hands
No one knows if shooting stars will land

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thanks guys

I can never stress enough I love you guys...for even offering to come to my place....


I love you guys..sigh

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Family ties

Had the chance to sit down and read For One More Day by Mitch Albom. It's another one of Albom's heartwarming works and I'm once again impressed that he could trigger my tear ducts. I did however prefer his other book, Tuesdays with Maurie but i didn't manage to finish that book. Bleah. Anyway here are some quotes I thought was quite good...

It's such a shame to waste time. We always think we have so much of it.

Sticking with your family is what makes it a fanily

Secrets will tear you apart

Perdonare – forgive yourself

You need to keep people close. You need to give them access to your heart

If you can, go read this book!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Rest in peace....

Tears, Idle Tears
Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)

Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depth of some divine despair
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy Autumn-fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more.

Fresh as the first beam glittering on a sail,
That brings our friends up from the underworld,
Sad as the last which reddens over one
That sinks with all we love below the verge;
So sad, so fresh, the days that are no more.

Ah, sad and strange as in dark summer dawns
The earliest pipe of half-awakened birds
To dying ears, when unto dying eyes
The casement slowly grows a glimmering square;
So sad, so strange, the days that are no more.

Dear as remembered kisses after death,
And sweet as those by hopeless fancy feigned
On lips that are for others; deep as love,
Deep as first love, and wild with all regret;
O Death in Life, the days that are no more!

I miss you mama, guess even after like close to 3 years, I still think of her from time to time. Hmmm...yeah I know my recent entries have been pretty depressing but I'm hanging in there. I'm prayin for the best...

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

You left me

You Left Me
by Emily Dickinson

You left me, sweet, two legacies, -
A legacy of love
A Heavenly Father would content,
Had He the offer of;

You left me boundaries of pain
Capacious as the sea,
Between eternity and time,
Your consciousness and me.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I can so attest to that.

Young people in developed countries are more unhappy.

How true is that!

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
Helen Keller

What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.
Leo Buscaglia

People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.
Ramona L. Anderson:

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thanks thanks thanks...wld have died a LOOONG time ago, if not for you guys

thanks guys....mr dodgy and kee...karen, bryan..etc etc for tryin to make me happier.....hahaha esp...dodgy ... your claim that you tattoo-ed "renzi" on your butt really cracked (hur hur no pun intended) me up!

Where do all the lonely *people* go?
Friends they thought they knew dont want to know.
Try to find a place to hide,
as they fall into there knees
Someone catch them, please.

* Everybody hurts, everybody aches.
Everybody falls, everybody breaks.
Just breathe, let it out, and breathe.

** Everybody cuts, everybody bleeds.
Every hidden scar is justified, so.
Breathe, let it out, and breathe.

Just breathe.

Cant you feel the circus in your head?
Dont you know your easily mislead?
So stand up if you give a damn, *its* slowly killing you.
And dont you feel it too.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


JS is so funny! She messaged me at work and said..."Chewing bubblegum for ten to fifteen minutes burns eleven calories, the same amount you’d burn by walking up a small flight of stairs four times..... no wonder singaporeans are getting fatter cos bubble gum is banned!"

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where is the love?

Miranda: When did all the men get together and decide that they were only going to get it up for giraffes with big breasts?

Carrie: Meanwhile, uptown, Charlotte wondered when relationships had gotten so complicated. She yearned for the time when dinner was followed by dessert, not lubricant.

Samantha: Money is power. Sex is power. Therefore, getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power.

Random woman: Monogamy is fabulous. It gives you a deep and profound connection with another human being, and you don't have to shave your legs as much.

Miranda: Orgasm? A major thing in a relationship?
Charlotte: Yeah, but not the only thing. I mean, orgasms don't send you Valentine's day cards and they don't hold your hand in a sad movie.

Carrie: By now she knew that "we" William wasn't ever going to show up. He was one of those men who faked a future to get what he wanted in the present.

Samantha: Men cheat for the same reason dogs lick their balls: because they can.

Carrie: Well, I think maybe there's a cheating curve. That someone's definition of what constitutes cheating is in direct proportion to how much they themselves want to cheat.
Miranda: That's moral relativism!
Carrie: I prefer to think of it as quantum cheating.

Samantha: If checking out other women is the biggest problem you're having with him, you're lucky.
Carrie: Well, if it's that small, then he should be able to stop.
Samantha: Oh please, you can't change that about a man. It's part of their genetic code. Like farting.

Random guy: Every girlfriend I've had wants me to change something. Change your job, change your friends, change your attitude... The only thing I change is girlfriends.

Samantha: Men do this all the time. Women walk around thinking "we," and their version of "we" is "me"... and my dick!

Duncan: I'm just one of those weird male aberrations who prefers to be married. I like stability, I like routine. I like knowing there's people waiting for me at home. I guess that makes me sound pretty dull.
Miranda: Are you kidding? You're the heterosexual holy grail.

Charlotte: It's a really cute three bedroom cottage and they're giving us a fantastic deal for the month of August.
Carrie: Yeah, of course it's a good deal. It's haunted with cheating boyfriends and sexual rejection.

Samantha: I've never been able to be friends with any man. Why would I? Women are for friendships, men are for fucking.

Charlotte: I've been dating since I was fifteen! I'm exhausted! Where is he?
Miranda: Who, the White Knight?
Samantha: That only happens in fairy tales.
Charlotte: My hair hurts.

Samantha: From my experience, honey, if he seems too good to be true—he probably is.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sensitivity at work

I was out with silly Jon, having dinner at Sakae Sushi (along Citilink). We were about to pay when I encountered this...

Attendant: Er, that would be $XX. Do you have a UOB or HSBC card? It gives you a 10% discount.
Renzi: (tryin my luck as well as attempting to be cheeky) heh...ermmm...*enticing tone* how about......Citibank?
A: (stifles laugh, almoust chuckles to herself) ermm....mam..it's (spells out) H-S-B-C...

How embarrassing is that?? OF COURSE I FUCKIN HEARD YOU WOMAN..... I was just merely tryin my luck. You don't have to stifle the laugh and mock me...like I'm dumb and I don't know what HSBC is....grrrrrr...HSBC and Citibank sound so damn different. *mumble grumble*

HISSSSSSS!!! Beware of the angry pussy! I have a right to my anger, and I don't want anybody telling me I shouldn't be, that it's not nice to be, and that something's wrong with me because I get angry. (Maxine Waters, in Brian Lanker, I Dream a World, 1989)

renzi kissed and swore @ 10:46:00 PM

Confucious says what???

Watched STEP UP with Mr Lim today and while paying for my corn, I cracked up a couple of comments, much to Zac's dismay but it definitely did made me CORN-tended HAHAHAHAA.

Z: (while buying steamed corn) You're not sick of corn?
R: It's different, one's popcorn, the other's steamed corn. Don't corn-fuse me!
Z: Man that's corny...
R: Hahaha..is it CORN-tagious for u?
Z: ...

I can't remember much of the conversation... but heheh...I think I'm quite funny! hahahahah

*sigh* okok...according to our dear confucious, or CORN-fucious (hur hur), he said "He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good." okok...shall try to be more humble hahahaha

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Friday, November 17, 2006

thanks humpa

in reference to my stupid 4-letter-word me nick:
Culinary Musician says:
Drop your pain down, live life anew, hurt will pass, cold will fade away, love will come, feel once more, eyes shut, hope glow.

thks so damn much *hugz* i love ya, bryan!

oh and of course Mr Dodge - "the easiest way to lose something is to want it too badly"

and thnks so much guys...u noe who u are...so slapping me, for making me understand the situation alittle more...susu, karen, jon, bryan, dodgy love u heaps! sigh...

renzi kissed and swore @ 2:04:00 PM

thanks for the suggestion guys

call, meet, hang, poke, love, take, feel, kiss, lick, blow, fuck, slap, beat, kick, push, hate, miss, bore, kill

four-letter-word me, someone pls....

renzi kissed and swore @ 1:29:00 PM